Is it about the place or the people?

A few days back I was standing in front of this derelict building that would soon be demolished and make the way for a new apartment. This is a place that I used to (and still do) call my ‘Mamabari’ (the maternal uncle’s home). The maternal uncle’s home is a sentimental place for most of the Indian kids growing up. One would often visit them on summer vacation and different occasions.

“The people make the place” is a quite famous saying. But standing in front of this building I started to wonder whether it is at all true!

Most of my folks from my Mamabari still live around this place with new cozy apartments. I still adore them and grateful for their presence in my life but I really don’t feel the same way without this dilapidated building in the picture. And I think my sentiments here are very true. I will soon move to a new city for my job. A new city with no friends and family. If I could bring all of them with me in an imaginary scenario, will that make the new city my home? Absolutely not.

These places are like the bookmarks of our lives. They store a lot of memories. Even though the people who make this place lively, play a crucial part in creating those memories and moments, they alone can never fulfill the void.


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