Turned 26 today.

26 always felt like a special number to me. There might be quite a few reasons for that.

While I was giving my first big examination of life, that is the 10th board (or as we call it Madhyamik Parikhsa), my elder cousin turned 26. And he went on to join his first ever job. Not only him but there were many of my elder relatives who would join some big MBA colleges before landing a lucrative MNC job. 26 always felt like the age of independence to me. Always thought of it as the magic number. Whatever you do in life, you ought to find yourself by 26. I always believed that.

Another reason might be in the number and the significance in life. 10 years since the first significant examination of life. One is expected to grow enough by 26. You are not in your early 20s. You are expected to have some sort of ‘stability’ in life. You’re also far (?!) from your 30. You’re not likely to be a family man or start taking more responsibilities. (At least I think that’s the case for most of the middle and upper-middle-class families)

Previously, I had made a chart about the things that I would like to do by 26. Looking back at the chart, I see most of them being done. But one big question which I didn’t ponder upon was the purpose of one’s life. I often think about it nowadays, might be because of watching ‘The Good Place’. What’s the purpose of this life? I started working full-time 16 months back. Got promoted 4 months back. Might get promoted again. Or leave the current organization for something else. Then? When would it stop? All these nowadays feel so mundane. Lucky are those who have the purpose of life figured out.

One of my friends topped CAT 3 years back. But he didn’t join any IIM. He was aiming for ISI. He could only get into ISI last year. Now, 3 years back I thought he is crazy! Might be out of his fricking mind! Now, I feel like, he is one of the most mature men (or women) that I know of. He had clarity of what he wanted in and from life. He set his goals and achieved them. I wish I will have that soon.

The day, otherwise, was quite ordinary (really love these ordinary days). Did something similar like I had done the last year. Then went to East Bengal Club to witness the first training session of this season. And finally ended up listening to some stories by a random Swedish gentleman at Broadway.

Cheers to 26. I guess.

A day in the Life

Most of the time, I try to look at a day like this: If it went great, there is no need to be overjoyed, it was just a day in the life. If it didn’t, then also there is no need to be upset. It is just a day in life. Yesterday I turned 25 and in hindsight, I feel, it was a nice day!

I had always wanted to do something special on my birthdays. And yesterday, I think, I finally did. I went to a Girls Home in Kasba where I sponsored the lunch for the day. The menu was a typical Bengali meal: Rice, Daal, Alu Bhaja (which is called French Fries for PR purposes), Chicken Curry, and Rosogolla. I also distributed dry food items like Cake, Biscuits, and Chocolate.

I think I got one of my precious gifts from the kids too. They drew a cute Birthday greetings card for me and I loved it! I will keep it as long as I can as a cherished possession. Here I am holding the card.

The card says something like this:

“Dear Brother, wish you a happy birthday. Thank you for coming here. We are very happy to see you. Many many happy returns of the day. This day is very special for you. Thank you for your help and support. Lots of love”

Every-time I read this, it puts a smile on my face. The 25th wasn’t bad at all!