About You!

I must write about you
In a big city of broken dreams and bereavement
Full of lifelessness and lack of enticement
You’re like the last train, carrying them home
You’re like my ray of hope when I am all alone

I am writing about you
They say a pen is mightier than the sword
But how can I depict you through a few mere words?
In a deserted land, you’re like the only flower
On a cold day, you’re like a warm shower

I did write about you
And then I showed you them
You thought they were for someone else
Someone with, a different name
I sighed and smiled at this situation
Knowing my train has missed another station

P.S: I generally don’t share my poems here. But recently I was told by someone to just share them and not think about how they will be perceived by others. So just doing that.

An evening at Worli

As I stand here, all alone
All by self and away from ‘home’
Sea of people, sea of life
Some making memories
Some bidding the time
A musky smell comes by the sea side
Failing to leave a mark
Failing to make any stride
A wind of suspicion blows through my hair
I often wonder when will it disappear
Sea of thoughts, questions of every kind
They often seek some answers
They often tingle my mind
Like the musky smell of the sea
Questions come and questions flee
Most of them don’t leave a mark
But the thought thereafter leaves me in dark
Then I remember one golden line
A priceless virtue that transcends the time
Words of great Tennyson puts me back in the ‘field’
I pledge not to bow down, I pledge not to yield

The captain of Captains

Here comes the man, the Captain of Captains
He’s from Argentina, Javier Zanetti is his name
The glorious days of Treble or the goal vs Roma
He was the El Capitano, Inter’s Supernova
Blocking Lionel Messi or running down the wings
Whenever he enters, the whole Curva Nord sings
Vice President of Inter, always had the noble intuitions
His Pupi Foundation has served many millions
860 appearances, 16 trophies in total
The number 4 of Inter will always stay immortal

An ode to the champions: Liverpool 2019

Kiev was a disaster, pain and despair
Dream of the 6th was diminished, beyond repair
“Will never win a final” said everyone
“Not the end, only beginning” proclaimed the Normal one
Starting of 2019 wasn’t like the previous one
Even though Napoli, PSG and Bayern were undone
Then the Reds faced Porto, a sense of Deja Vu
6-1 in two legs and Liverpool went through
Barcelona in semifinal, maestro Messi’s might
3-0 at Camp Nou gave agony, nightmare and plight
Salah, Firmino were out; final seemed a distant dream
But it was Jurgen’s Redmen, not your ordinary team
“Let’s fail in the most beautiful way” said the German gaffer
Destiny smiled back, as football God wrote a love letter
Kop sang the anthem as time stood still
Gini and Origi scored a brace, LFC won Four Nil
Then it was time for Madrid, the final game
Liverpool won 2-0 as Origi rose to fame
Almost a million welcomed the team, overjoyed and full of glory
Merseyside saw Red invasion, from Penny Lane to ‘Beatles Story’
It was 14 years since Turkey, 35 since Rome
With a Liverbird upon their chest, they brought the cup back home.