Ciao JU!

19th August 2021 was my last day as a Master’s scholar at Jadavpur University. The spell at JU was rather very short (23 months) and it was a path which I never thought I would be taking. But in hindsight, I feel, it has shaped me for the better.

One thing, which I solely believe is we all experience the same thing in a different manner. JU was something like that for me. My daily routine was quite ordinary and at times, very mundane. A reason for that can be attributed to Covid too. I would reach the University within 10:30 AM. Sometimes even before the opening of my department building. Most of my time would be spent in my department lab. And then, I would leave after 4:30 or 5. I hardly attended the University for 6-7 months but it was something I really liked.

The greatest thing about JU is the campus. I am sure, anyone can easily call it their home. Few of my relatives often have asked me how it is like going to JU? Is there an atmosphere of political unrest all the time? And these questions have really shocked me. The JU campus is for everyone! Do you want to study peacefully? There is a place. Do you want to chill out with friends? There is a place. Do you often feel like not doing anything and just passing the time like me? There is a place! JU campus has a place for everything and everyone. And no one, I repeat, no one will ever bother you for anything at any time.

Another noticeable thing about the JU campus is the difference between the atmosphere around the Arts section and the Engineering section. This is something that I can’t quite fully explain through words. This is one of those things that you can only feel once you’ve visited the campus.

This was an experience which I have really liked and which I had hoped to enjoy more profoundly but couldn’t. I would be lying if I say that I have too many memories of this place with all my classmates and friends but still there is a soft corner, there is a sense of belonging. Probably it is one of the characteristics of this University and this place. She welcomes you with open arms, without any judgement and tantrums.

Thank you, Jadavpur.

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