Opportunity  is  a  window  in  life  to  make  some  positive  changes.  It  can come in different forms such as tangible and intangible. A proactive mind with desire will always introspect about life events and envisage whether there can be an opportunity for self-upliftment of any form. Just like I did here!  While  writing  about  ‘Opportunity’,  I  took  the  opportunity  to cultivate some disordered and scattered thoughts and penned them down in
an ordered and organised way.
After analysing one’s strength and weakness, one should always analyse
the available opportunities, then and then only one can better him/herself and  travel  the  perceived  road.  On  the  other  hand,  being  in  complete oblivion  about  the  available  opportunities  will  not  only  make  one incompetent but will also hinder his growth as a better individual.
In a much broader sense, life itself is an opportunity. An opportunity to leave a mark in the space-time continuum. An opportunity to do something which will echo in eternity. Every step we take, every moment we live can
be  an  opportunity  if  we  want.  An  opportunity  to  be  a  better  scholar,  a better professional, a better athlete and last but not the least a better human being.  So  let’s  seize  the  moment  and  be  a  better  version  of  ourselves.
Carpe Diem!
Note: I didn’t have any intentions of putting it up in my blog. It was supposed be an assignment given by Prof. Bijan Sarkar. But Prof. Sarkar was overwhelmed by the writing and he even took a copy of it and made me put a date. So I thought maybe it was good and I can even publish it here! Feedback is, as it always has been, appreciated!